These clowns are onto something big!

Slappy, Monday and their professional artistic colleagues use the power of humor and performance to reach and teach not only students from pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, but also kids with special needs and chronic illnesses.

Whether our performance is focused on teaching elementary school Math and Science Curriculum, providing Camp Comics to Camp John Marc or recruiting clowns for the growing business of Medical Clowning, we are always seeking to prove that humor helps people learn, heal and grow.

In school settings, our shows bring critical subjects to life with unique, engaging, funny and educational shows that ensure the concepts will stay with the kids long after we have finished our performance.

In hospitals, our use of humor and laughter empowers sick children and uplifts their environment tremendously. It also provides psychological benefits that translate into physical benefits

In camp settings, we engage kids with special needs kids and chronic illnesses through our performance outreach and education and help them to embrace their uniqueness.


Learning sneaks up on kids when they are laughing. Our Science, Math and Language Arts programs have been a top choice of elementary schools for the past ten years. Each show utilizes improvisation, physical comedy and circus skills to impart TEKS requirements in a unique and memorable way.


Performers from Slappy and Monday’s Foundation for Laughter have visited hundreds of area libraries through the years, bringing their special brand of interactive comedy to young children and exciting them about reading. For many kids, we are their very first theatrical experience, sending them into a lifetime of arts appreciation and the fun of live theatre!


The Bumbles, resident Camp Comics, utilize physical comedy, eccentric characters and circus skills to bring laughter and delight to campers of all ages and all medical histories.


We help guide and create medical clowning programs nationwide to heighten the level of artistry and humor brought to the patients, families and staff of the pediatric hospital setting.