Foundation for Laughter

Camp Comics


The Bumbles, two professional clowns from the Foundation for Laughter, will be in residence for the duration of your camp. The Bumbles work closely with camp administration, counselors and medical staff to provide appropriate "humor therapy", enriching the campers' experiences and adding to the atmosphere of playful fun at camps designed to accommodate children with chronic or terminal medical conditions.

For a week-long camp experience, the clowns will interact with the campers and staff sometimes in makeup, sometimes as characters, sometimes as themselves, but always as clowns. The clowns will lead a circus project for a group of campers. Students will learn balancing, juggling, clown routines, improvisation and clown makeup. At the end of camp, they will present a circus performance. The circus arts are an amazing way to build self-esteem. Clowns will make daily visits to the medical building, spending some quality time with campers who have to be there. Known around camp as “The Bumbles”, these clowns are there to contribute to the team goal, and find the humor in every situation that arises.

For weekend camps or other camp experiences, a program can be tailored to fit your camp’s needs and timeframe.


  • Details: The fee will cover the presence of two clowns for the duration of your camp. Room and board will be covered by the camp.
  • Schedule: Available throughout the year, but must be booked in advance.
  • Cost: Pricing varies based on several factors, including the length of camp and the location. Please email or call
    972-258-6313 for more information about Camp Comics.
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